Simple. Integrated.

Customer Focused

Our team owns and rents property, too, so we know your pain points and what success looks like.


Ready to sell? We got you covered. We work with you no matter what path you want to take.


Get insights into your property even when you're away. Access the Mortar Property Portal, as we build out the connected city of the future.

Clients come first.

We pledge to stay in constant communication with you as a property owner, but also your tenants. We strive to provide a SAFE and LIVABLE environment for everyone we serve.

Getting tenants has never been easier. Keeping them is even easier.

Our team focuses on retaining top quality tenants, providing a reliable stream of income while you pay down your mortgage and harness appreciation.

We seamlessly integrate with your financial objectives, so when your ready to sell we can help there too!

Your safety and livability come first. We don't work with owners who disagree.

We believe that communication is of the utmost importance. We listen and understand your unique rental needs. Check out what's available in the Mortar network:
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Transparent Pricing

We strive for up front and honest pricing, no strings attached.

Monthly Charge

Starting at $95/month

Competively priced to cover end-to-end property management from property showing to move out. We cover leasing, maintenance, monthly financials, and bill payments.

Tenant Placement

One Month Rent
We help you find the right tenant at the right price.

Lease Transfer

Already have a lease in place? We can take over from here.

General Maintenance

Flat rate per hour pricing for general fixes

Enhanced Maintenance

Need someone licensed or more specialized? We have you covered.

Property Portal

Coming Soon
An industry first: every property connected. We treat internet as a utility and capture daily insights on your property's condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's nail down a few basics. But if you have more, we are here to answer those, too!

What services do you provide?

Mortar PM provides end-to-end property management, from showing to move out. Our owners can be involved as much as they want to be. They will be entirely covered regardless.

Will you find tenants for my property?

Yes, we will handle it all from taking photos of your property, background checks, and credit reports.

How do you find tenants?

We use a syndication service to list your property on the maximum number of 3rd party websites (Zillow,, etc.). Our typical rental has a lease signed within 3 weeks.

What makes Mortar different?

Mortar PM provides end to end property management, but also a comprehensive sales team for when your ready to take the next step on your financial objectives. We value integrity, and we only operate safe and respectable living environements.

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How much will my property lease for?

Let's set up a property walk through so that we can match your property to the market rate. Schedule a consultation with us so that we can learn more!

What is the Property Portal?

Your property is no longer a "black box." The smart connected devices we install will give you real time insights into your property's condition.

Who handles maintenance calls?

We do! We are on-call 24 hours a day, so your tenants will never have to wait to hear back and get any issues rectified.

Do I pay for internet?

Every property we manage has internet, we treat it as a utility. Tenants pay for the internet as a shared utility charge, and property owners have nothing additional added.

What's the next step?

Schedule an initial consultation so that we can get to know you and your property. Schedule →

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